My time here started in a good way: during the flight from Dubai I met a very helpful Italian guy, Angelo, that shared with me his experiences about Thailand and brought me by taxi once arrived at the airport.
The day after I started in the early morning from my hotel.
I went to search a sim card, I tried in a near small shop but initially I didn’t find someone who spoke English; when I went away and an Indian guy came to me to propose his help, so he brought me to a shopping mole not so far.
I found two Danish girls there and they helped me to buy the SIM card, thank you Analia and Kathleen!
After I tried to find a train station where to buy my ticket for the next destination and I found a lot of people that helped me on the way.
From the first local station I had to move to another bigger station and a gentleman assisted by to find the bus; I don’t want to miss to thank a girl that worked in a bar at the station, she offered me a bottle of water.
Many people more at the second station as well and once I bought my ticket I decided to go to some interesting place in Bangkok.
I decided to reach the Grand Palace and I found another very kind man that accompanied by to the bus stop and waited with me.
After half an hour a woman on the bus told me to get off, I was arrived, then I started to ask about the palace.
Many people also here and finally I found the place, I found Alex as well and I took a video about him.
He called a friend to accompany me to another interesting place of Bangkok close to there.
I was so comfortable because I was meeting a lot of friendly people, so I continued to walk, I continued to search good stories to tell… And close to the… I found the nice one: three guys helped me to take a picture and when I asked informations about to find food they proposed me to go with them to the local market and to visit another temple.
We spent all the afternoon together, we became friends and after few hours we caught the same bus to come back to home.
I was really happy and tired… Do you think I finished to meet amazing people that gay?
To be continued…


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