Osaka: something good, something wrong


What impressed me just arrived in Japan is a incredible organization: I passed hand by hand from the plane, through the bus, few metros until my hostel, where I felt immediately very welcome because some Taiwanese girls offered me a nice dinner.
It was not easy to meet local people, the language is a hard barrier.
I spent a very funny evening playing the ” Mango drinking game ” with Anah, other girls from Taiwan and Korea and Thiago, Brazilian; unfortunately I couldn’t conclude the night happily because we went to a club where my white stick was considered as a terrible nuclear weapon… the safety of the other customers was very important!
Anyway… Thiago was really interest about Japanese culture, so we went together to visit Ōsaka-jō, the castle of the city; cherry trees were in bloom…
In those days it was hard, I didn’t know how to find international cash machines, paying the taxi to go back from the club I almost finished my money and I skipped meals for one day.
The last morning I met my savior, Daniel, a cool guy from New Zeland; we moved around to find a place where to pay by credit card, so I finally found food.
It was my lucky day: I also found a international ATM at the post office!
In Japan post office it’s the way!

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  1. Hi, this is Jules from Taiwan, it was really nice to talk to you and it’s my honor to escort you to the gate,just would like to let u know you are really brave, hope u could keep going, let us know how beautiful this planet is! Still hope u could come to visit Taiwan again, this time I could take u to see the different Taiwan! take care!


    1. Lovely, I already told you I love Taiwanese food and now I have one mor reason to come back!
      Thank you so much 🙂


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