I arrived at the bus terminal in the morning and I found a policewoman very helpful, she gave me some informations and she escorted me to a coffee shop, where I planned my next steps.
After few hours I decided to find a travel agency to check how to go to next destination, I found a guy walking on the street and he helped me to find one.
I didn’t find interesting solutions but I wanted to find a restaurant, so a nice employed brought me to a Japanese place near by;
I had an amazing lunch and with my stomach satisfied I went to the train station, to reach my hostel that was a bit far away.
From the station was everything very organized, I reached my station assisted always by someone.
From the station I used my GPS because I saw my hostel was not very far.
Not many people around, when I was closer I needed somebody to find the right door and it took time, I asked to many people walking close to me but apparently nobody cared about me, maybe they just didn’t speak English.
I finally found a couple of girls that answered to me and they took me to the place very kindly.
Here I met Richard, my hero of Tokyo.
He seemed very cool and helpful from the beginning, I mostly spent my time with him at the hostel and visiting the city.
Richard was great but Niky her a better voice, very sweet, and I really enjoyed talking with her.
One day I went to the city center, I wanted to meet and talk to local people; I don’t know why I went to an American pub… It was not the best place for my purpose: beautiful waiters and drinking guys.
After a while I felt alone, I needed friends, I needed to talk to somebody and the ugly occasion was with the waiters, so every time one of then came to bring something I tried to start a conversation… but they had only few minutes for me, everytime a new waiter and everytime I felt they were following rules, be kind and smiling with customers.
I didn’t like the game anymore, when Moriko came I complained it was hard for me to talk to Japanese in Japan.
She said not a lot of Japanese speak English, or maybe the reason was I was not smiling.
What the fuck, it was true! And it’s also what I usually do, what I’m sure can let me find the people I need!
I was tipsy and what I missed came out easier, anyway I realized I had to change something.
Thank you Moriko to have told me what you saw.
The last day I probably misunderstood what the owner of the hostel told me and I reached the airport 15 minutes late, 45 minutes before take off.
I explained what happened, that I couldn’t miss my flight, I finished my Yen, I implored for a help… no way, they even laughed about me.
The only thing they did is to ask my credit card to buy a new ticket.
I was not smiling for sure and I left the desk, I started to walk around the airport to find somebody that could help me, I didn’t want to fix the problem by cash; and I was not smiling.
After 3 hours the only answers I received were ” I’m sorry, we cannot help you ” or ” Do you have credit card? “.
I didn’t smile and I didn’t find the right person.
Carrying my bag for long time my poor left leg suffered, I was sad, disappointed and I bought a new ticket.
Initially I was really confused: what I did wrong?
Did I have to be better?
Was Japan not a good place for me?
Was my message failed?
I’m writing these words far from there, I’m happy and smiling right now and I admit maybe I’m not open mind as I though, I’m not wrong, Japan is not wrong, I was only tired maybe, I can do mistakes and that happened there.
I already crashed many times in my life, it doesn’t matter, is matter to stand up and go on, to keep what positive came and to learn from mistakes.
When we breath in oxygen and we breath out carbon dioxide.
Human body is perfect, we can learn good things from it.
I’m sorry Japan, you are beautiful and next time it will be better !



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