Italian people in Shanghai


In shanghai I had a kind of holiday, Italian holiday.
Ladies and gentlemen, Tommaso, he comes from my sane town and he works in China as chef.
I spent good time with him walking around the city, enjoying his amazing Italian pizza and playing Risiko at night!
I wanna also tell you a story that could be unreal: when Tommy left Shanghai I moved to a hostel, in a way to stay longer there and to meet travelers.
Last night I heard a woman speaking English with a knew accent, so I asked from where she came from; she was Italian, from Torino and we started to talk.
Because she was coming back home I asked her if she could lead a Buddha’s statue to my friend Alice, as a present.
Alice lives in Torino as well and what we didn’t know is she already knew Alice, their were great friends!
No, that’s the power of mind connections!

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  1. E mi hai fatto ritrovare un’amica che nn ritrovavo da tempo. Grazie :p


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