Did I visit the Chinese Great Wall?


I’m crossing a lot of countries with many interesting historical sites. But what interesting means for me, considering my travel? Maybe it could be hard to understand how I can skip some great and important places that probably I’ll never see again. Interesting is what I need, important is what make me feel good. I need good emotions and the people I met here gave me amazing emotions! Just arrived Oynga escorted me out of the train station. Then I tried to get Chinese money from arm, but it was not easy and I found a man that headed me to a bank. I tried all my cards, no ones worked. All the employers were so helpful and king, they try their best but at the end I changed some euro. So they found a taxi to reach my hostel, but the driver didn’t know where the address was and he left the car screaming. I though china is interesting! A employed brought me back to the bank and a kind lady from the reception of my hostel came to pick me up. The day after I was searching for a shaving machine, my beard was too long and I though china was a good place where to buy a Chinese product. I went to the reception to ask where to find a right shop and Simon proposed to escort me. He has been lovely, we also tried a tasty Chinese food for lunch. At evening I had a dinner at the hostel and I wanted to meet people as well. I couldn’t find anybody to talk, so I left the hostel and I started to walk somewhere. After few minutes I found a man that spoke English and asked me what I was searching for, then he entrusted me to a woman that would have accompanied me to a good place, but when I realized we were walking back to my hostel I left her because she couldn’t speak English and I couldn’t explain her I was already been there. I chose another direction. I didn’t know where I was going, when I cannot find what I need I stop to think and I just start to walk somewhere. After twenty minutes a guy started to help me, correcting my direction when something terrible was on my way. Mr lee walked with me for about one kilometer, after that he called a number and he made me talk to somebody to explain my desires. We finally found a coffee shop and I thanked him. It was not the place I needed but I was glad to have met such a nice person and after my drink I started to walk back to my hostel, assisted by my iPhone. Not far from my destination two guys, emma and heyden, stopped me and asked me where I was going. They saw me at the hostel during the day, so I came back with them. My real great evening had begun. We just talked all the night, utter people joined us, all of them full of good energies and I recharge myself so much. I loved emmas sensibility, I loved heyden humanity but I mostly loved Russian humor! I love you guys!

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  1. awwww I loved this. Thank you so much Alessandro. Meeting you has been one of the most inspirational moments of my life and i look forward to meet you again around this little world.
    Thank you

    1. That’s so true, the world is little and huge at the same time!
      See ya 😉


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