Taipei, let me smile

Here we go a very interesting story.
I’m blind and I have a lot of limits, I know very well and I’m so glad my blindness is only about my vision, because if your mind is blind you cannot see what is in front of your nose, you cannot hear what people are telling to you, sometimes you cannot even feel your heart.
I arrived to Taipei at evening, I have already booked a hostel and when I reached the airport somebody of the airlines staff asked me if I already had a place where to stay; I didn’t know she called the hostel asking to somebody to come to the bus stop and pick me up, I never asked for that during my travel.
The owner wanted to talk with my at the phone, she told me I was not allowed to stay in her hostel because I’m blind, I could fall from the stairs!
Oh shit, once again!
I explained to her I was traveling from long time, that I have already been in many hostels around the world and I never felt from stairs.
No way, disable people are not welcome.
I promised her troubles and I terminated the conversation.
I anyway caught the bus to the center and I felt I was close to find something interesting, so I turned on my audio recorder…
Two guys from the hostel were at the bus stop waiting for me, so we started to talk.
The guy said I booked the wrong place, because I’m disable and I need disable facilities; he also said I studied about blind people and he knows what people need.
I tried to explain him my point, but when you talk to somebody closed mind that already has his own ideas its very hard to be listened.
I don’t know if he really believed about what he said, in that case he is definitely stupid.
Otherwise he was just lying to me because he was following what the boss ordered him to do. I think machines are made to follow orders, humans can decide every single second what is right and what is wrong. After few minutes my ear listened to so many stupid things and I started to walk away from the guys but they follower me and they tried to convinced me to go to a good place for me and that they could pay for one night, there were no more nights available. The guy told me also that on the website is clearly written that disable people are not allowed to stay there, so I though it was strange but I didn’t check well when I booked, it was very late in the night and I decided to accept, in a way to find another solution the day after. Once in the room the girl talked alohr with me, she was very sorry and she made me feel her humanity, I appreciated that. The morning after I checked on the website, nothing was written, absolutely nothing; I asked at the reception about any places available for the next night’s and they had. I don’t like to be Pierre off! So I went to the hostel because I wanted to talk to the layer. When I arrived there I found another girly and I could only speak to him at the phone. He was still telling the same kit lies, he was still keeping his ideas and his stupid mind. But I was there, he told me I could remain. I though I could meet him before to leave, but he never showed up; the owner never came. I think if you cannot face your responsibilities, if you can only be strong speaking at the phone you are not a man, you are not a boss, you are not a real strong person. Rice was there instead. Initially I felt she was not very comfortable, she was afraid something bad could happen, its understandable. But she was there and she faced her responsibilities, every day. She had bigger hell ball’s than the guy, for sure. And she was nice and helpful, she tried to held me when I needed something. Anyway I felt not happy, I felt without friends and that kept friends away from me. I went to visit taipei, escorted from the security all the time. I didn’t meet friends. I went to visit the memorial hall and I found a lovely guide that described me the place and assisted me to take pictures. But I didn’t meet friends I went to the campus at the university to meet English speaking people, but I was still sad, nobody came to me. On the ray back a girl helped me to cross the street, she brought me to a restaurant so I invited her to meet me the way after, I told her I was interested about local people. But I was still feeling alohr and she never called me back. I should have changed my think to attract better things to me, but sometimes it takes time, sometimes I’m not so good or so quick.




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