Lonely Tanjung Pinang

I was excited about Indonesia, thousands islands…
I reached Tanjung Pinang, the capital of Riau Islands, by ferry and a passenger close to me started to help me.
He brought me to get my visa, to change money, to find a motorbike to go to my hotel… He said:
” I will take care of you until you will reach your room! ”
Ladies and gentlemen, this is Isham, he made my Indonesian beginning absolutely comfortable and amazing!
At the evening a guy from Batan Island helped me to buy some credit for my local sim card.
All the rest of my staying on that island was quiet, except one crazy night when it was raining hard, some water dropped on my bed and I had a conversation with Mickey Mouse’s family!
So I’m still waiting for some nice stories to tell, I can only say the staff of the hotels I visited were friendly and genuine.
I promise you something strong for the next days 😉

Tanjung Pinang 3

Tanjung Pinang 4


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