Good and bad in Jakarta

Dedicated to a person that became Indonesian for one night…


What can I say, people still be the best side of my travel, bureaucracy the worst.
Indonesia is a big country with many different tribes and cultures and maybe in Jakarta I was lucky but what I found made me so surprise because hospitality, friendless and pleasantness.
I already spoke with Nimis, a woman that came to pick me up at the airport and introduced me to her friends.
Herby his the first of them, I want to thanks him and his mother to hosted me in a very kindly way.
I also mention Deby, Herby’s sister, and Bandy, a funny friend.
The first day we went to visit the city, I took some pictures about Mosas, a national monument, and when we were at the close park I filmed a typical dance from Sumatra island, named Saman.
The days after I almost became crazy trying to obtain Australian visa, they asked me some medical check up because I’m blind, without assistance.
It would be a shame to skip a huge and important country as Australia is, anyway as I did for India, I can do that: all the countries are important, no ones is essential.
I prefere to tell about Indonesia and Indonesians, I prefere to tell you about Igna, so kind, so helpful and worried when I wanted to reach the airport alone, and also Handy, Robert, I apologize if I miss some name but I’ll keep everything in my heart.
Thank you very much to all of you!


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