A nice, unexpected step

I found a cheap flight from Vilnius to my next step, changing in Kiev, I had to wait about nine hours. I thought that it was a great opportunity to visit that city, to experience another place, another new country that I have never visited before, it doesn’t matter if I had only few hours, I was really excited.

The beginning of my Ukrainian time was not the best, the guy of the airline treated me as a stupid, because I told him that I didn’t want to wait in the airport, he said that I would have got lost, alone, in that dangerous city… I thought that I could feel stupid if I wouldn’t take that opportunity and I went to take the bus to the city center, without listening the man.

On the bus few people helped me changing money: I wanted to leave the airport so quickly that I forgot to throw out some cash from the ATM machine; a very kind girl left the bus at my same stop and she found a taxi for me, explaining the route to the driver because I don’t speak Ukrainian and she didn’t speak english.

Then I arrived to the city center, I was already in contact with a girl that I knew by social networls, I only had to wait a couple of hours.

Somebody assisted me to find a bar, where I had something to drink, when it was time to go I asked to the bartender how to reach a certain street, but they didn’t know, so I just decided to walk somewhere.

After few blocks a man came to help me, I didn’t have exactly an idea about how to get to my destination, I told him that and he leaded me strait to the place, he was really kind and before to leave me he asked me if he could do anything else… I almost embaracced, he already was so nice with me.

I don’t remember the name, I’m anyway very grateful with that gentleman.

And finally Olga came, I liked her voice from the beginning and despite we have never met before I found an amazing feeling with her.

We went together to visit some places of Kiev, we took some pictures, she proposed me to taste some traditional food and I agreed, of course, I had a delicious lunch.

Olga, do you know that you was absolutely perfect with me? I felt really welcome and I didn’t want to go, I would have been happy to know better your city, your people and you, obviously.

You are a fantastic person, I would be honored to receive you in Italy, trying to makes you feel as you made me feel in your city.

Short but highly enjoyed, thank you so much.


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