Cities and countryside 

Do you remember Mindy? I met this great man in the beginning of my travel, more than two years ago, traveling from Morocco to Mauritania; he is from Lituania, so I contacted him, he proposed to meet up in Kaunas, that’s why I stopped there.

I spent the first day trying to meet somebody interesting, or somebody helpful, in a way to take good things from there as well.

Actually I found the first nice person on the bus, Jazz, we talked during all the time and I was so glad meeting such a positive girl… at the end somebody told me that she is also extremely sexy!! One more reason to keep in touch with you, my dear, maybe you’ll show me your country one day.

Once arrived in Kaunas I walked around the old town for a while, sometimes it’s not so easy to start a conversation with somebody, specially if the people are just enjoying the sun and their free time; I should put some writes on my t-shirt, probably, it would makes every thing easier I guess.

Anyway, I succeeded and I found two local friendly guys, Frostas and Renaldos.

Initially they just tried to give me some informations, but I didn’t have any idea about where to go, or how to get to some places, so they leaded me by car to find an optimal accommodation, it took us about half hour… lovely guys!

The day after Mindy came, he picked me up from my room and we went together to his place, in the open countryside.

I didn’t take any pictures about the few days that I spent with him, I felt good without taking my phone, without technology, just me and my friend… and the amazing feeling that I found in those places, in the middle of the nature.

It was really great to talk with my friend about the other crazy guys that I met on the bus, he was really amazing to listen to what he did during all that time, It was really cool to see him again!

Few days off and I was ready to continue, charged and galvanized thanks to the great Mindy from the sky.

I left my friend and I went to Vilnius, because I found a good flight to continue with my trip from there; I arrived at evening and it was a bit late to search around, I anyway started from the train station… not even the time to get worried, Justine saw me a bit confused and she came to me.

The same story: I need a help and I find somebody that decide to help me; it could seems a bit boring maybe, I think that it’s just amazing that after two years I’m still meeting such lovely persons, the world is apparently not sick of me, not yet 🙂

By the way, that nice girl searched a cheap place near by the station and she leaded me there by car, with a friend.

And I was satisfied 🙂


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