Bosforo, not drinkable!


Here we go some pictures about Bosforo, the famous canal that separates two sides of Istambul: European and Asian.
I went there for a tour with Roman.
In the afternoon I received a Facebook message from Jorge… do you remember him, between Sudan and Egypt?
He was in Istanbul to go on with his bicycle tour, he saw some of my posts and he contacted me.
I spent a beautiful time with him and her sister Maya and I drank only normal water this time.
Yes, because you have to know that when we sailed to Assuan he and Benjamino made me drink some Nilo water and my stomach was sick for few weeks!
Egyptian legend tell if you drink Nilo water once, you’ll se Egypt again in your life… so far U just went to the toilet many times!
I took a funny picture with him and I, holding a bottle of water…


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