Still hands


While I was walking back to my hostel I was wondering about the title of this article, I had no ideas.
Sometimes I forget that every time we need something we only have to start to listen, it doesn’t matter how, just listen.
So I started to listen with my body and I realized what was happening to me: a lot of hands were helping me, many times, every time I found an obstacle on my way, a difficulty, as a cross… a hand on my shoulder, only for a few meters, without words, just some of my thanks.
I felt safe, I felt surrounded by good people, I felt at home.
So I found my inspiration.
Also when I traveled until here I found a lot of helps.
I want to mention Usne, a lovely girl that helped me from Istambul to Ankara; unfortunately I lost her when I arrived.
So I met other people to five the way to my hostel, the guy in the video, for example, accompanied me from the metro station directly to my place.
Friendly and helpful people at the hostel, friendly people today, when I went to the train station to by the ticket for my next destination.
Some names more: Emre from Iran, that spent good time with me and gave me advices about his city; an Italian guy from Udine… forgive me for the name, but I didn’t forget your delicious pasta!
And Sylvaine, that promised me to show me her country, Switzerland, when I Will be back in Europe.

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  1. Non puoi immaginare quanta felicità nel vederti e sentire di nuovo la tua voce!! L’importante è saperti sereno e felice, attorniato ancora una volta dai tuoi “angeli” in carne ed ossa :*


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