Cold and warm

The beginning was really good in Gotheborg, from the bus terminal I easily found several helpful people that permitted me to get to a hostel, it didn’t take so long; my basic needs were done, but in this time I need more, I need to stay with somebody, I need friends. So I went around to have a dinner, than I started to search something else… it seemed not so easy, people were passing through without seeing me, but when I was crossing a street a woman came to assist me, then she asked me what I was searching for, so I explained that I was there alone and she invited me to spend the night with her group of friends.

Beers, nice conversations… I really had a good time with Elaine, Billy, Mattias and Urban, thank you guys!

My knee was finally good, so, the day after I went for a walk around the city.

It was a nice hot days, many people around, but I didn’t find the way to start a conversation with anybody, only an old woman had a short walk with me.

On the way back I was feeling a bit disappointed and then few people came to help me very kindly, so I started to think about that: maybe I’m really searching to much from each place, actually I’m finding people that allow me to travel, I shouldn’t complain!

On the second morning I changed my plans I decided to move to Stockholm, I just went to buy some food in a supermarket, the workers assisted me to buy few things and I went back satisfied; but to find the door of my hostel I just found very rude people that ignored me when I asked an information.

My feeling were not so good after that, then the receptionist decided to accompanied me to get a bus to the train station and over there I met another very helpful girl, Amanda… those last to meetings made me change my feelings once again 🙂

During the way to the capital city I talked with an Italian guy, he was really friendly but I decided to continued by myself, I needed to find good local energies!

Well, it took a bit of time, I anyway found a guy on a wheelchair that escorted me to take the metro and then another friendly man searched an accommodation with me, I felt really grateful.

Unfortunately I spent the second day alone, once again, no way to have a conversation with somebody.

I know, I’m living fast, I need everything immediately, it’s my problem… so I felt that I needed to go on, actually I have already found good people.

The last one that I met, right before to leave, putted a smile on my face and the good feeling, that I like so much, in my heart.

Thank you Susana


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