Through the Baltic Sea

I every time try to find the most exciting way to travel, I found the good one from Stockholm to Tallin: by ferry! We left in the afternoon and I met a very friendly roommate, Harvy, that offered me food, drinks and his help to move around the places; I also met his friends, but we were drinking vodka and their names were too hard to remember…

We arrived to Tallin in the morning, I was a bit shocked by the two others roommates, they accused me to be an international narco smuggler!!

Anyway, I left the boat without any drugs and I started to search my way, I found an electric touristic taxi and I though that was better to catch it, I didn’t want to charge to much my shoulders.

I reached a hostel and I met kind people walking around, I also met few nice persons in the hostel but the people were only drinking and screaming, nothing about discovering the local culture and places, so I left as soon as possible.

I kept in touch with Marco, a funny guy that had my same interests about visiting a city and we spent few hours together, around Tallinn.

I didn’t know that it was so crowd in that time, after two days I couldn’t find availability anymore, then I decided to move to another less touristic city: Tartu.

I arrived by bus in the afternoon and I met a lovely old man that made all he could to assist me to find a place there, it was not so easy because the best places were far from the train station and wanted to be close to it, in a way to leave early the day after.

A sweet receptionist of a hotel where we asked information found the optimal accommodation: cheap, near by the train-station and with a lovely owner… she didn’t speak English but she was all the time very nice to me, she gave me a lot of food and she accompanied me to catch the train.

Quiet, nice and typical from Estonia 🙂


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