Mother Russia


My adventure about Russia started very well.
On the train from Poland I was helped by a Belorussian man very kind, he couldn’t speak English but he gave me some water and a croissant, he tried to take care of me as he could… Lively!
Once arrived in Moscow I left the train, I didn’t know where to go and the people didn’t speak English.
After few minutes two police man came to me and they became my saviors: they assisted me to get money from the bank, to buy a local sim card, they arranged a guide to bring me to my hostel and while that person was coming they hosted me in their office.
What else?
Thank you so much Andreij and Anatoly!
Other amazing people at the hostel: the girl at the reception, Kate, was nice, helpful and very kind, she also helped me to find my Chinese visa 🙂
Another guy I met, Pavel, was my great assistant.
We spent good time together, he accompanied me to get the Mongolian embassy, he also helped me with Kate to buy the ticket for my next destination.
On my last afternoon in Moscow I met Yulia, you should remember I told about a Russian girl on the plane back from Bangkok, a month ago.
Well, she showed me the center of Moscow and we took a lot of pictures.
At night I went out to find food, it was Friday and all the places I knew were full.
Walking on the street I met a Spanish guy and Sasha, like me 🙂
He accompanied me to a available local.
The following morning I left the hostel and I walked to buy some food for my journey.
After few minutes I met Viktor, he brought me to a small shop, he became my shopping assistance and he found a taxi to go to the train station.
At the train station I immediately met Dasha and Anastasia, they accompanied me to the platform and they convinced the chief of the train to let me catch the train, he was worried about me and he said I couldn’t go on.
Luckily those two lovely girls were with me and made me started another magic adventure: the Transsiberian!
Any comment?
Lively Russian people!
Mne nravitsya Rossiya!



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