Surrounded by angels


I’ve already been in Poland about one year ago, just to test my attitude to travel and I had a great experience, about the country and the people as well.
I definitely confirm that idea!
It was as a beautiful angel took care of me all the time, I felt so good and comfortable and it has been hard to leave.
The first day I went to an association of blind people that invited me few months ago to share my experience about travel.
I also needed to get visa of Belarus and on the way to the embassy, waiting for the bus, a good guy asked if he could help me, so I caught the vehicle with Mateus; he also told me when to get off.
I was close to the embassy and I reached it by my iPhone.
I found people there that accompanied me inside; once outside I needed to find a place where to spend few hours, waiting for Iwona, a girl I met last time in Poland.
While I was walking I met Simon, a very tall guy that leaded me very kindly to a bar; he also assisted me to order, amazing!
I realized I was smiling, if you are happy you become a magnet for good things.
I went to the toilet assisted by a lovely waitress and when I came out, because the place was very crowded, I lost my orientation.
No problem, Agneska came and accompanied me to my table, asking if she could do something more for me; after few minutes she come back, she had to bring her daughter back to home and she was worried to leave me alone.
Iwona came with her boyfriend Sebastian, she hosted me for my last night in Warsaw and the day after she leaded me to the train station.
A beautiful angel looked at me all the time, I felt it.



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  1. Hi Alessandro, It was a pleasure to meet you in Warsaw. Let us know when you are around next time. Bon voyage!


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