Over and over with my happiness

Still in prague, even more enthusiastic about this city.
I found the restaurant close to my hostel completely full, so I decided to searching another one in the center.
I was walking to find the tram stop in Carlovo Námēstí, a friendly female voice asked me if I needed a help, I answered yes, of course, and we started to wait together.
Some meters after another voice joined us, she was the bother.
So I found two nice guides that escorted me!
They took the tram with me and during the way I told them about my travel.
They were impressed and I don’t know who were the happiest about the nice situation.
They gave me a lot of positive energy and after I left them to find a restaurant I walked without worries, with a big smile on my face.
I moved between Staromestske Namestí and Vaclaske Namestí for about one hour, I received helps from a Spanish man, from a very tall girl named Alexandra and finally a very helpful guy, Robert, brought me to the vegetarian restaurant I was searching.
After the dinner I met my roommate Dima and we went together to spend a crazy night at the discotheque!
The day after Eliska contacted me and proposed me to spend some hours with her and her mother Emily visiting the city center; I obviously accepted.
The day after I moved around the city center with my roommates Dima, from Russia and pasha, from bielorussia and I took some pictures in Vaclaske Námestí.
What I should say more?
Amazing time!

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  1. Pezzi di vita, gente che passa, magia. mistero. Praga da sguardi rubati. Immenso.


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