Peace of world in Bratislava


When I arrived to Bratislava by bus it was evening and I wanted to immediately find a place to spend the night.
At the main station I met a guy from Ukraine that brought me to the taxi; he as been very friendly.
So I went to the hostel I found searching in Internet and after relaxed a few minutes in the room I went to the lady at the reception to ask informations about to find some food.
She explained me the way to find a nice pub, not too far from the hostel.
I putted on my iPhone the gps point of my start, to find the way to come back easily, and I walked to the pub.
The route was clear and I reached my point without difficulties.
Coming back some people helped me to cross a busy street and then I found my hostel.
The day after I went again to the street where I found the pub to find a vegetarian restaurant, I took a picture of the big road.
At the evening we made a party at the hostel, some guys from Canada played nice music all the time!
I had a lot of conversations with them, with people from Norway, US, England, Belgium; by the way, some crazy guys from Belgium gave me the contact of a friend of them that live in Budapest, my next destination.
The last morning I was going to the train station and I met Gavin on the way, he was going to Budapest as well, so we travelled together.


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