That’s polite!

Since I arrived in UK I met very polite people; I reached Holyhead by ferry, then I caught the train and I arrived to London at night, where my friend Jessica was waiting for me.

I during walking around so much there, I needed to rest my knee and that was so annoying!

I anyway enjoyed the flat mates: alissa, Mikel, Andrea ” Pasto “, Karina and Samy, the friends Domenico, Simone and Alessandro, than sometimes visited us… and two unknowns guys that appeared on Sunday morning in the rooms.

Anyway, I really like this city! Friendly people from all over the world, it was just amazing for me to hear so many different cultures; I anyway move around a bit for something that I needed to buy, the public transports so great and all the staff every time so helpful.

I want also to mention the way Jessica treated me: lovely, lovely and lovely!

She was every time ready to help me, although she was working all the day.

We spent a crazy night all together for a kind of birthday of Alissa and Karina, I had a lot of fun that night.

After a lazy week it was time to go on, my knee seemed fine and I took a bus heading to Bruxelles, but when we had to cross the channel we found everything close, all the ferries were canceled, it seemed that the French police were striking for the situation with the migrants.

Then we went back to London and I had to find a solution for the night, I didn’t want to go back to the guys, it sounded to me as an opportunity to find my casual good story.

And I did it, it took me time walking around, to find a cheap place available, it seemed impossible because it was everything fully booked.

But I finally met Ravi, while I was walking on the street.

He searched a lot, calling so many hostels, until he found a good one for me.

Thank you my friend, I was already thinking about sleeping in the park 🙂

By the way, I found a cheap flight to another destination…


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