Limping in Ireland

Back to Europe. I landed in Dublin, I was a kind of happy to be so close to home, I still had some travels more, but with a new problem: my knee.Leaving Montreal I started to feel uncomfortable walking, once arrived in Ireland it was painful; I probably carried my backpack too many hours everyday, during the last weeks.

I needed to find an accommodation quickly, in a way to have a rest and, waiting for the city bus, I met a good guy that assisted me for that; it was not so easy because almost all the places were fully booked.

Finally a good one, in Talbot Place, it was available and I thanked the kind guy.

It was a big hostel, not the best solution for me, the girl at the reception was anyway very helpful, showing me the way all the time that I needed.

I immediately went to buy medicines to the closest pharmacy, very easy because the streets were not so big and I was helped by the people very often; I was suffering because my knee but I was excited about those amazing feelings!

The second day I had to leave the hostel, no more availability, so I went to another place with Lucas, a cool guy that I met in the dorm room.

I went out at night and after few places I found a group of friendly people, a bit crazy maybe, anyway I enjoyed the night with them; Darius told me also that I could stay at his home for the next days, it was impossible to find a bed during the weekend and before his invitation I was suppose to leave on the day after.

The third day I went back to Talbot Place, I wanted to tell about my crazy night to Barbara, also Flaviano was a good person who I could talk to, they really made me feel welcome and I spent all the day in the hostel, although I was not a customer anymore… so lovely!

Actually the crazy guy came to meet me in the afternoon, then he went to have a walk and I remained in the hostel, I couldn’t walk too much; Barbara was worried about the situation and when it was getting dark she told me that if the guy would have not showed up, I could stay in her place.

It was a providential proposal actually, because the guy didn’t come and didn’t answer to the phone… probably he had another crazy night!

So, at midnight, we went to Barbara’s house by bike, motorbike I mean, we had a nice talk and I was happy to be with such a nice person.

The morning after she prepared me a huge, delicious breakfast and then we went back to the hostel, it was not busy anymore so I booked for one last night: I already found so many good things to tell and although I was already in love with that city it was time to go on.

Last jokes with Lucas, last pizza to a lovely man from Sicily, that every time wanted me to eat near to his workplace, he always called me ” paesano ” ( country mate ).

And last nice person for the last breakfast, Anina.

Even going to the ferry port, everybody very helpful.

I definitely started my last European step from an amazing city 🙂

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  1. So happy to know you are enjoying your travels and you are safe. Keep living life to the fullest. Love reading your stories they’re very inspiring.


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