The end

This is the final step, this is the end of my tour around the world. I arrived to Lugano at evening and the only solution that I found it was to leave Switzerland to stay in Milano, at my friend’s house.

I was a bit tired and I felt asleep, I skipped the right stop, so it took longer to get to my destination.

Few people gave me informations in the train station, it was easier communicating in my home language anyway!

I finally arrived to the right block, I still needed to find the right door and I was not sure that Francesca was still awake… a guy saw me in a trouble, he proposed me his help, I explained him that I was searching a certain adress and he took his scooter, telling me that he could escorted me there, it was not far.

Mohammed accompanied me until the right floor, he was afraid for me, because I could find difficulties to reach the right door, maybe.

Thank you so much man!!!

Vittoria was the one that opened me the door, because Francesca was outside, to meet me, I was already in her apartment instead, no problems anyway, I was in good hands.

I decided to spend a couple of days in Milano, to enjoy Francesca and to meet my friend Mattia as well, I was already in Italy, no need to rush.

I was confused, really confused because everything seemed the same, I was expecting something different maybe… I don’t know, I really think that my “ time to don’t know “ started.

After two days with my sweet Francesca I returned to Nogara, I returned to my home.

The train was going, all the rest was emptying, so I putted a special song, trying to fill the silence that I was feeling inside me.

During the last months I was wondering about that moment, when I was arriving in my home town where I started this adventure more than two years ago, I realized that the life is not a movie… I left the train without problems and some friends were there, Enrico, Sara and the little Lorenzo, that didn’t want to leave his ice cream, Stefano arrived a bit later, but he has been a great webmaster during all this time, I cannot complain about anything 🙂

Well, I finished my ice-cream, my sweet, huge, amazing ice-cream around the world.

Yes, life is not a movie, it’s not only an ice-cream, it’s something much better… and it’s not what the people tell you.

Your life is what the others will never really know and will never really understand, so, come on, don’t lose your time doing something that is not about you, leave the others talk about what they want, that is not your life.

Your life is you, enjoy it 😉


5 commenti

  1. Bravo, coraggioso…mi ha fatto piacere seguirti. Ti auguro una splendida vita. (Sono la mamma di Giona,non so se lo ricordi).Ti abbraccio

    1. Grazie, ricordo di te e tuo figlio. Magari avrò il piacere di conoscerlo un giorno

  2. Hey Ale – congratulations on finishing. Your last comment was very inspiring! It is about you – it’s your life. And I guess by making it about your life you will help other along the way! Fliss x

    1. Thank you my dear, but don’t worry, I’m still the same and when I wrote that I was high probably 😉 Hugs

  3. Hi Ale! Glad to see that you’ve completed your journey. Very inspiring! I am Kerline, who tried to help you in trinidad. My colleagues sends their best wishes. Take care Ale!


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