8 – 8

Lugano, in the Italian side of Switzerland, it was weird for me hear the people speaking Italian and I was not in Italy! I stopped there to get an interview for a radio, I was also not far to a friend that I already met two times during this journey… so, I went to visit Chiara at her restaurant.

Do you remember her?

I met Chiara the first time about a year and a half ago, in the Solomon Islands, then we traveled together from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro and I finally visited her in Sonogno, the last small mountain village of Val Verzasca.

It’s not far from Lugano, but it takes about three hours, by train and by bus, I met lovely people on the way, drivers and passengers, so I reached the restaurant very smiling, also because I was going to met my special friend.

I arrived to the restaurant accompanied by a woman that I met on the last bus, everybody know everybody there, it was very easy… and I finally hugged Chiara, I missed her so much!

And what a delicious food I tasted there, thank you so much Cristina and Arianna.

I celebrated drinking a very good wine with Primo and Nicola, two cool guys that already knew listen to Chiara, she told me about them so many times.

I spent the night at their home and I couldn’t wake up in time to leave the house with them, because the wine I guess 🙂

So I needed to go back to Chiara by myself and I didn’t know the way at all, I recorded with my camera what happened during the way, I met few people that allowed me to find the restaurant, but you’ll see how the people are not used to comunicate with a blind person, they explained the directions somehow… anyway it’s more important for me to find somebody good, and I found it also that time.

Well, I spent a great night with delicious food and great people, I met again my friend Chiara, I met new friends… I decided that I was fine and I could leave Sonogno, also because I found a passage by two kind tourists that leaded me close to Lugano…


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