Train of magic people pt.2

Siberia, wild Russia.
What I needed to manage situations in a land where almost nobody speaks European languages?
Someone that could speaks English.
What I received?
Five Siberian nice and kind girls!
I met Alina, Irina, sexy Alina, Natasha and Ksusha on the train and we talked during the journey.
Once arrived in Irkutsk at 3 a.m. Irina told to a taxi driver to bring me to my hostel; unfortunately on the door of the hostel it was a letter with the new address, I didn’t see the letter and the driver couldn’t read English, so we moved around the city for about one hour and I didn’t understand what was going on!
I don’t know how, but we found the new place and finally I reached my bed.
In the morning I met a couple from Holland and we went together to have a lunch.
In the afternoon I met Irina and Alina, they showed me the city and we went to a river.
I should have left the day after in the early morning, but I didn’t calculate that 20 minutes are not enough to print a ticket in Russia!
So I lost the train…
There is a reason for everything, I’ll tell you why I heeded to start in the evening in the next article 😉
Anyway Irina came to spend few hours with me at the bar, where I was waiting the next train.
She gave me a nice stuffed tipical animal from Irkutsk.
Thanks to the police man that helped during the last morning, thanks to Igor that found a bar near the train station and thanks to my lovely gymnast Siberian friends for such a nice time together!


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