Train of magic people pt.3

Another day, another train.
I traveled from Irkutsk to Ulan Bator, capital city of Mongolia.
I went to buy the ticket at the train station in the early morning, about 20 minutes before the departure time.
Unfortunately I didn’t consider I couldn’t expect an efficient employed before 5 o’clock in the morning!
So I lost the train…
I don’t know why they also closed the office for few hours and I went to have a breakfast assisted by Alexander, a great police man that communicated with me thanks a translator.
After that no more English speaking people.
I struggled about 4 hours around the station to find someone that could understand me and help me to buy the ticket for the evening!
And when I succeeded with that I left the train station, I needed a place where to have a rest.
So when I found Igor that spoke English I was so happy, he accompanied me to a near restaurant where I spent all the day.
Irina came in the afternoon and gave me a present from Irkutsk: a lovely peluche.
After I also met Maria, a Spanish girl, she was going to get my sane trip to Mongolia, so we went together to catch the train at evening.
On the train I met Teud, my train mate, he was very friendly and I had good time until Ulan Bator with him.
The second day we crossed the border and we spent few hours at the train station there.
We reached our destination in the early morning, I left Teud and I started a new adventure.

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  1. ah te che ci capidci qualcosa d inglese… io era l unica materia dove prendevo sempre4!!!!!!!! dunque nn ci capisco seriamente una mazza!!!!!!!!!!! bravissimon ale continua sempre così…. TVB!!!!!!!!


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