A lot of travelers in Sofia

When I went on the train to leave Belgrade I immediately met a Bulgarian man, Victor, that supported me for all the night trip.
I left him when I reached Sofia, in the morning.
On the platform I met two guys that accompanied me out of the station and found a tram to make me find a hostel.
When I left the tram I was close to my destination hut I really didn’t know where I had to go, so I started to ask to the people along the street; almost nobody spoke English.
After few minutes I finally found Veselina, a nice and kind girl that brought me just to my hostel.
I found a lot of travellers there, a lot of them were interested about my project and it wasn’t difficult to find a lot of friends which by I could spend my time there.
Two days after I had a walking tour around the city helped by Claire, a lovely girl from Liverpool; thanks to her I took a lot of pictures!
I cannot remember everybody unfortunately… I want to thanks the nice girl at the reception, all the formidable staff of the hostel.
And then Carolina, a Brazilian girl, Ben, Becky, Paul, Hilary, that accompanied me to the bus station when I left Sofia.
I also met a fantastic guy from holland with her nice girlfriend? gijs is a great traveler and he gave me a lot of suggestion about Asia.
Let’s visit Sofia, it’s a wonderful city!

4 commenti

  1. The photos look really good! A lot better then the ones I took 🙂

    1. I made everithing with my own 🙂

  2. Hi! We just let you know dat we where just read your blog of Sofia, we are glad we could help you, enjoy your tour! Greetings Gijs and his girlfriend 😉 Nathalie

    1. Thank you guys 😉


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