Lovely Belgrade

I traveled from Budapest to Belgrade by train.
I didn’t organise that journey very well, I didn’t plan how to get local money, I didn’t considerate I could arrived delayed, I didn’t plan how to manage a situation as this last one; I found to travel in Europe was much more easier than in Africa and I relaxed myself too much.
The train was in late, it was past 10, so I asked various informations to some people close to my sit; they answered me kindly hut I didn’t find a real solution about my further hours.
Remember Ale: people are good and unexpectedly amazing meetings are the spirit of your project!
For that time the names of human goodness have been Zoran and Jelena.
Those two Serbian guys heard when I talked about my problems and they proposed me their help to find a hostel close to the train station.
Then I followed then to find the exit, I asked if it was possible to buy food by credit card at that time, I didn’t have local money.
Zoran bought me a sandwich.
We found all the hostels near the station closed, so I told I already had an hostel address but I didn’t know if it was easy to find; incredible, it was very close to the house of my new friends!
We caught a tram and we found the place in a few minutes; before to leave the king guys I took a short video with them.
The morning after the girl at the reception told me Jelena called the hostel because she was worried about me; I also saw Zoran left a comment on my blog asking me to contact him for any necessities.
I wrote to him and to Jelena as well end I accorded with her to have a lunch together; she accompanied me to a change office to get some money; she offered me the meal; she also came with me for a walk and she helped me to buy some stuff in a super market.
At evening I went for dinner with both of then, they offered me everything, included a unexpected pineapple as a dessert.
Back to the hostel I was so happy and I joined two friendly Russians brothers to play Jenga, I surprised everybody completing the tower and we celebrated with some delicious Russian vodka, before, during and after the game!
I had a lot of happy experiences in a very short time, so I decided to go on with my travel.
Then Zoran and Jelena came to the hostel and they took me to the train station; the lovely girl prepared some sandwiches and cookies for me.
I forgot to tell that I went to find some food for lunch the last day.
I found a self service restaurant and a woman helped me to choose my meal, to find a table, smiling all the time.
Thanks to Ivan and Misky, the Russians, thanks to the girls of the reception, thanks to Zoran and Jelena, you are lovely.
And thanks to all the Serbian I could met, you are amazing and friendly people!


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