During a morning in Sidney

Dedicated to a Swiss sailor; enjoy your journey my friend.
On Monday morning I got a bad news, a friend died.
I cried.
I through away all my sadness with tears, about many things.
Then I putted his smiling face in my heart and I started to feel better.
I decided to walk somewhere alone, to think about nothing.
I went to the the botanical gardens, asking to some people along the way; one of them it’s a lovely grand mother named Susan, that left the car and the housband I guess, to come to help me.
Finally I reached the gardens and I walked, following a path and taking a lot of pictures.
Suddenly someone asked me how I can enjoy the places if I cannot see; I answered that I still have four senses, luckily, and it’s anyway possible to do many things without to see, in a different way.
In that place, for example, I felt a very peaceful and quiet atmosphere.
I recorded birds singing as well, it’s a shame I cannot make you feel smells of flowers and threes!
After an hour I found a exit and when I reached the street a woman asked me if I needed any help.
My lonely time was ended and I asked to her if she could walk a bit with me.
So, she gently assisted me to take pictures about Opera House, the Arbor Bridge and she accompanied me close to the rocks, where we found some particular music; lovely Maria!
I continued to walk, I found a bench and I took a short pause.
I started to starving, then I found a restaurant following the noise of glasses and cutlery.
I had a delicious vegetarian meal and on the way back to home I found many people more to help me: Turtle to reach the train station; he’s an original Australian; IChinil to find my train, she’s a nice lady from China; Amber from the train to the hostel, another very kind Australian girl.
It has been a beautiful day!


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