Exploring the bush in Poporang Island

I spent two days at Poporang Island, waiting for the goat that would have taken me to the next step.
That island is much more essential than Gizo: no electricity, only by generator, no roads, no shops… Only few local villages and Nila’s mission station, where other Italian volunteers were building a hospital.
So, I decided to went to visit the top of the hill, where there is the place about the first missionaries that came on that island; I also wanted to cross the bush in a way to take pictures about Japanese finds of the World War II.
My great guides were some local young guys that ran up and down absolutely comfortably, not as me.
It took three hours to go and to come back to the volunteers’s house and at the end I was totally soaked!
During the way I got some coconut water and some red ants got me!
So, thanks to Leo and his brothers, thanks to his mother Francisca and tank you so much to the volunteers: Adriana, that is a great cocker, Sergio, Pedro, Pal, Angiolino and Sandro, because made me feel proud to be Italian one more time.


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