Sailing to Bougainville


Thanks to the bishop Luciano I caught a goat to Bougainville; I left Poporang Island in the early morning, Adriana woke up just to make a coffee and some Italian volunteers accompanied by through the hush to the beach.
I was so excited!
We sailed for about two hours and during the way I took pictures of the sunrise.
I was accompanied by George, a local man that took care of me until Buin, a small town close to our arrival point in Bougainville: Kangoo beach, where I found a Japanese cannon from the World War II.
I love to travel in this way!


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  1. Hi Ale, so good to read that you are doing well. A few hick-ups, but generally you are doing what you set out to do. So happy for you! Will keep in touch!
    Marijke from Brisbane


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