Italian volunteers in Gizo

I was finally in Gizo, at Reconna Lodge.
Very friendly and helpful people there, the lady at the reception helped me to top up my phone, to buy fruits and his husband accompanied me by car to a pub, at the evening.
I want to remember Linda as well, a lovely woman that helped me to find food and washed my clothes.
During the new year party I met a polish guy very interesting, he was sailing around the world by his sailing boat.
We spent the party together and he proposed me to go with him… I accepted!
On the first of January I went to the immigration office to clear my passport to be able to leave Solomon Islands, I needed a photocopier to make copies of my passport and I found one to the office of an Italian bishop.
I met some Italian volunteers as well, they are building a school; they invited me for lunch.
The day after something strange happened: me and my sailor friend were almost ready to go, but he started to complain about me, he said I disappointed him gut I really don’t know how… I don’t know what he really expected to me.
So my plans changed immediately and instead to come back to my first accommodation I decided to stay with the Italians.
They have treated me as a prince, all of them so lovely!
I spent few days waiting for a boat to reach Bougainville, where I should have obtained PNG’s visa easily……….. ……. but on those islands it’s not so easy to understand what’s going on about transports!
So the bishop Luciano proposed me to fly with his seaplane to Nila station, in Poporang Island, that belongs to Shortland Islands,very close to Bougainville.
I want to thank all the people I met at Reconna Lodge, my Polish friend, despite he is a bit crazy and all the Italians: bishop Luciano, Jacopo, Mauro, Franco, Massimo, Alba, Ida, Pietro, Orsolina, and my favorite… Chiara.
It’s good to know that there are so good Italians to the other side of the world!

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  1. Che spettacolo questa gente!


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