Village people


Do you remember Peter, the ones that brought me to Coconut Cafe?
He invited me at his village; I had a dinner at his home with his kids and he introduced me some of his relatives.
I spent the night at the village and the day after Peter invited me for the birthday’s party of his wife’s sister.
It was a lovely day with lovely people, we celebrated at the beach with local food, music and beers.
Some guys spent all the time with me: Steven, Loraine and others.
In the afternoon it started to rain, so we ran away.
The day after I left Honyara by ship, heading to Gizo; during the way I found many kind persons interested about my travel and one of them, Galom, gave me important travel suggestions; I recorded him.
We sailed about 30 hours and before to arrive I met a nice girl, Katrin, that helped me to find my accomodation in Gizo.
My Solomon journey continue…

Galom speaks


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