Life takes away, life gives


When I was in Australia I tried to go to New Caledonia by boat, no way, the people told me that from New Caledonia, to travel by boat, it would have been easier; in New Caledonia I tried to go to Vanuatu by boat, no way, the people told me that from Vanuatu it would have been easier; in Vanuatu I tried to go to Salomon Islands by boat, no way, the people told me that from Salomon Islands many many boats go everywhere!
When I arrived in Salomon Islands, out of the airport, I asked how to reach the town and the people told me only by taxi, that was expensive, and the bus stop was far away.
I said I could walk, as usual, despite they said it was impossible… I don’t think so.
Just few steps and I net Jabes, a kind guy that walked with me to the bus stop, only five minutes away.
After the bus he found some lovely person’s that brought me around the city by car, searching for a cheap accommodation; No hostels in Honyara, everything over budget for me.
So they proposed to take me to the police station, maybe someone could find a solution there.
At the police station I also asked about goats to Papua New Guinea, they said its impossible to go there by goat!
I really couldn’t image that travel through Pacific Ocean it would have been so difficult and so expensive, but what really disappointed by is to realize that its impossible to travel by sea when you are surrounded by sea!
Anyway, they called an Italian nun that operate in Honyara, maybe she could help me.
When she came and I explained my problems she reproached me because I cannot travel so disorganized, I should ask travel informations to the travel agencies, not to the people!
Anyway after she became helpful and friendly, she told me about cheap flight that goes to Brisbane everyday.
So I decided to fly to Brisbane and from there to find my next destination, being that an international airport.
Then I bought a local SIM card and I went to find street food.
While I was sitter on a chair and I was searching flights with my phone I only found very expensive solutions!
Probably my face was telling I was desperate, a girl came to me and asked me if everything was ok.
I told to her my story, she found an accommodation not too much expensive and she said she wanted to take care of me.
Initially she was really helpful, but during the evening she started to change, she behaved as I was completely stupid, I should have trusted only her because the people are dangerous, especially for me because I’m blind; meanwhile she made me pay her dinner, her drink and she asked me money to cook food for us the day after.
In blind baby, in not stupid!
The day after I went to the airport to check the prices to go to Brisbane, the girl called me to know where the hell I was, she spoke to the driver commanding to bring me back, I’m blind!
Ok, I understood she was completely crazy.
At the airport I definitely found not cheap flights; the nun was right, I should get informations from travel agencies only and she wasn’t a travel agent as well!
I was really sad, it was Christmas and I was alone, the town was empty and I really didn’t know how to continue my travel.
So the driver, shelly, she proposed me to join her family’s Christmas lunch, she gave me hope.
We went up on a hill, I met her lovely family and a twist arrived: her brother, Genesys, told me it was possible to sail from Honyara to PNG, crossing some islands.
I couldn’t believe that, I was so happy and I recorded his instructions.
I also understood why during the last weeks I didn’t enjoy my travel, I was not carefree anymore.
I missed the real taste of travel.
Suddenly I ugly flew, from an airport to another airport… It’s flat, it’s not exiting!
My new travel plan instead sounded amazing!
After lunch I went to the top of the hill to take panoramic pictures from a place where there are also military memories from the second world war.
The day after I went to a place in town to get some food by taxi; the driver cheated me with the change.
I realized that when I paid my food and I left the place so disappointed.
But after some steps a guy called me, he asked me where I was going and if I needed some help; he was a taxi driver as well, totally different from the last one.
He offered me some more food, a drink, we spent the afternoon together and he brought me to a bar where I could meet people.
I took pictures about dolphins, a video with him and I spent lovely time with friends that I met after; they made me feel as a king!