Around Wellington

When I arrived tterr I knew new zelanf as a very friendly and safe place, there to do hitch-hiking it’s very safe; so, when I went out from the airport and a taxi driver asked me thirty dollars to go to my hostel I decided to walk, despite if it was 2.00 a.m.
During my walk I really felt very safe… Nobody was there!
I also didn’t really know where I had to go, my GPS was not working.
After about ten minutes I found a gentle man that gave me a lift by car, unfortunately all the hostels were fully booked.
After the umpteenth not available place I decided to leave that man, because it was already long time he struggled around the city for me, so I went to the last hostel hoping I would have found a place… Fully booked!
But, you already know, in lucky and a lovely customer convinced the man at the reception to find another way to help me… And I got a bed.
The day after I went to buy a sim car, Samantha helped me to find a shop.After the shop I wanted to visit a nice close place, so I walked until Sevek square, accompanied by Sheril.
I enjoyed the sun for a while and I took some pictures.
Then I visited the library, some people gave me the right direction for it.
I visited the music gallery, I listened to some local jazz… Nothing special.
From there I decided to come back to my hostel, a kind employed putted me on the right way gut I couldn’t finished my path alone, because another friendly person arrived: Barton.


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