I did it again in Nicaragua

I decided to stop in Ocotal, where I found a good hotel.
At the evening I wanted to find a place for dinner, two guys that saw me going out from the hotel proposed me to accompany me to a good place.
We walked together, I had a dinner and then Pablo and Johnny came back to bring me to the hotel.
Unfortunately the only no fried food I found were fresh vegetables…
The day after I needed to go to a supermarket, so I woke up early, I asked the way to a man at the receptions and I started to walk; I think what the guy told me was not correct because after few blocks a woman told me I was walking to the opposite direction… sometimes people confuse the right and the left!
So I changed the way and I finally met Roger David, a gentle man that walked with me until the shop and then assisted me to buy what I needed.
Thank you man!
So I had a good breakfast, unfortunately I already did the mistake: when I arrived to Granada at evening I realized I was sick, once again, eating vegetables the day before was not a good choice.
I felt very bad during all the night, so the first thing I did the consequential morning it was to go to the market and to buy lemons.
I bought everything I needed helped by the people there but when I went back the taxi wasn’t there anymore, this was a problem because I didn’t remember the name of the hotel.
I took another taxi and I asked to the driver to go close to the church, the hotel was to the same side.
I don’t know which kind of problem the people have with left and right, we couldn’t find the right place… when I went out to check out if another hotel was the right one the driver ran away, he didn’t want to struggle around anymore.. I was not lucky with taxi that day!
I was lucky with the people anyway, a man that saw me the day before came to me and accompanied me to the right place, I was safe.
I spent all the day in the room, trying to get better…


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