Do you Triny?

Trinidad Island, from this island I started my Caribbean tour.Before to come here I thought it was just a wild island, what a mistake!

I have been so surprised to learn what a beautiful and developed city Port of Spain is, of course my beginning at the airport was with a funny guy that was only good to laugh when I was trying to explain him that I was traveling alone and supported by the people… from there I moved on and he would probably be still laughing!

Anyway, I usually leave quickly that kind of people, out of the building I started to find the people I need and I went to the center of the capital city using ” maxis “, some big taxis; very helpful people everywhere, it was just hard to understand some of them sometimes.

It took me about two hours to reach French Street, the place where to search an accommodation… once there I was a bit hungry, I was walking on the pavement and a girl tried to be useful with me, when she told me I was in front of a restaurant I decided to have a break.

Good choice, Susan suggested me a guesthouse exactly crossing the street, not so cheap but I learnt that nothing is cheap there!

My new friend is also a kind of tour guide, she definitely showed me some places during my time there, as Fort George and some beaches.

I also moved around by myself to find how to move on from there, I unfortunately didn’t find any boat or ship… good people every time anyway, this is the main reason for me to travel…

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  1. My co-workers (kerline and asha)and I had the great pleasure of meeting and assisting you at the airport. We were all very inspired by the way you’re living your life and the stories of your journey that I’m sure it made an impact on each our lives. We wish you the best and if ever you should return to Trinidad we are at your service. Best wishes Jamila.

    1. Thanks a lot for everything you did for me, if I’ll go back I’ll meet you again… not at the airport maybe 😉


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