Last experiences in South America

Less than two hours to reach Georgetown, good flight and good landing as well.

From the airport I had to took a taxi to reach the center, from there I preferred to search an accommodation by myself… well… by the people I would have met on my way.
So I started walking and after few minutes I heard somebody calling me from a car, he was a man that asked me what I was searching for; that was my good opportunity to get my purpose… but I didn’t know that he was a taxi driver and after I had to pay him!
He was anyway very kind and he gave me a friendly price.
I finally found a good place to sleep where I found very helpful people.
Georgetown remembered me a bit of Africa because the people and a bit of London because curry smell everywhere!
I found a friend during those two days, Natasha, that told me I touched her and she tried to assist me about my needs; she also arranged my transports to the border with Suriname… I started in the early morning by shared car and during the way I had a chat whit the driver.
He was surprised that I’m traveling alone, I told him I’m doing that to connect my steps by good experiences with good people, so he called a colleague in Suriname and my way to Paramaribo became very easy.
Yan assisted me to get to the port where I took a ferry; crossed the Courantyne River I Met Lader, my new driver, he had a minibus directed to the capital city.
We reached Paramaribo around at 5 pm, I cannot really tell you what happened, I was exhaust, I just left the people passing me through their hands until I reached a guesthouse.
I was like passive to what was going on, I could only smile and thank the people.
I took the last energies to go to a cash machine, two French guys I met on the street assisted me to get the money… so lucky, I don’t speak Dutch!
I spent the 1st of May at Independent Square, where I tasted delicious street foods.
I moved around helped by who I was meeting there, at night I found somebody that decided to do something more… Mírela and Steven came to me because they though I could have problems with the crowd and they tried to escort me to a place where I could find a dinner.
I found them surprised and interested, so I quickly told about my travel… we spent a few hours together, I found my assistants of trust.
Mírela suggested me another place to stay, the first one was not available anymore.
Well, I was ready to go, to leave South America and to start a new adventure; the beginning was like a taste of something that I would have found in the next area, I didn’t find any way to go by sea and I had many problems to buy my flight without a return ticket at the travel agency, they said that I couldn’t leave without it because at the airport they wouldn’t have not permitted me to go.
I tried to explain that I already did that many times around the Pacific Ocean but that was not enough for them, my three passport weren’t a sufficient proof that I’m really traveling… so I bought my ticket online.
At the airport I spent few hours with Alex, a kind and funny guy from Japan, he was doing my same journey so we left Suriname together…

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  1. One year ago on May 19 (my birthday), I had the good fortune to me you in Portland, OR, USA. I have really enjoyed your travels and the beautiful people that are attracted to you. You are my inspiration to keep traveling each year. Your friend, Jim Gambrell

    1. No words Jim, it was a pleasure to meet you and it’s a pleasure every time you write me!
      Thank you my friend


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