Islands and rules

The airport of Port of Spain is situated about one hour an a half from the city center by public transports; I arrived there at 5 p.m., two hours earlier of the departure time, with my one-way ticket to Barbados and once at the desk of the Caribbean airlines I started to check in my bag. Everything fine until when the lady asked me to see my return ticket, I explained her that I’m traveling step by step, I never buy a return ticket because I need to decide where to go next and when only after I reach my destination; depending from what happens… and yes, I know the rules, it’s more than two years that I’m traveling, through Pacific Islands as well, where there are the same rules and nobody never made me problems for a return ticket.It was not enough for her, that was answering me with a robotic voice, without a return ticket I was not allowed to fly.

So I showed her my passports, that prove that I’m really traveling… the same robotic answer.

Then I told her about my travel, that I’m not doing that for a personal pleasure, that I was there in peace, telling good things about her people… no way, that was the policy of Caribbean airlines, you cannot get over the rules!

I think that the rules are necessary in a organized society, I also think that we are not just machines, humans are perfect with their imperfections, so sometimes, in case of extraordinary situation, we can put our personal judgement over the rules.

It happened, but not in the way I expected unfortunately.

I probably said something that annoyed the lady and she started a personal fight with me.

I realized that I couldn’t succeed against that robot, so I decided to buy a ticket from Barbados that I would have not used, I could only pay to escape stupid rules… but the woman asked me something more: a return ticked to Italy!

Even the girl of the infopoint was really upset, she never saw such a senseless situation and she did her best to support me, I received a great assistance by all the info-ladies Jamila, Kerline and Asha, it was so clear for me the line between who was trying to help me and who was hindering in every way!

It was so crazy, I couldn’t leave the country unless I bought a ticket back to Italy, no way to travel relaxed through Caribbean islands… so, after hours trying to find a solution, I thought I didn’t need islands… I could go back to the continent!

I searched online and I found a direct flight to Caracas, perfect! I don’t need any return ticket to go there.

Then I went back to the Caribbean airlines to buy that flight… once again they asked me a return ticket to Italy!!! Otherwise I should have called the embassy of Venezuela, asking for a disclaimer declaration; in that way I lost the flight to Caracas, because the embassy opened at 8 o’clock, after the departure time.

I anyway called the embassy explaining the situation, they said that there weren’t problem for them, I could go. But the woman still made me problems, she wanted a official document, a fax was not enough, then I should have reached the embassy of Venezuela to get a piece of paper!

At 9 a.m. one of info-girls informed me that she found a flight to Caracas with another airlines.

I couldn’t believe that! I left that crazy situation and with my info-heroes I arranged my departure to Venezuela.

I left Trinidad at 8 p.m., thanks to those women so kind and helpful.

I don’t know what happened with the staff of the Caribbean airlines, maybe they secretly loved me and they didn’t want to lose me 🙂

They made my life as an he’ll only for 24 hours, then I was back to my happy life.

I’m sorry for them instead, it must be hard to live a happy life with such a close minded!

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  1. What a lovely story. We are very happy to see this in your blog. Keep lighting the world and spreading love!
    Grazie. Con amore da tutte le persone di informazione per gli aeroporti autorità di Trinidad e Tobago!

  2. wow, Angelo! what an overwhelming nightmare you went through there!


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