Dominican holidays and birthdays

Happy birthday Leonardo!!!My Italian friend lives in Dominican Republic, I went to visit him right for his celebration, around few days it was also Dayana’s birthday, his girlfriend, and their lovely sweet baby Cataleya celebrate her second month.

So, I celebrated with him… Italian style 🙂

After some days of celebrations I thought that it was better to run away, then I went to the Haitian border, another country means another mission!

During the way by bus a guy was helpful with me, we talked together, he told me I couldn’t reach the border in time, because the immigration close at 6 pm, he also said I could sleep in Jimaní, a small Dominican town near by the border.

He was going to visit his family and once there he accompanied me to find a cheap accommodation, he assisted me for the dinner and we went walking around for a while, he was really easy going and we immediately became friends.

The morning after Francis organized my transportation to the Haitian side, just a short time together but enough to fell what a good guy he is.

Ready to go, I passed the Dominican side without problems, when I arrived to the Haitian side, instead, the police decided that I was not allowed to go, I didn’t have any address of the capital city and it was too dangerous for me, specially because I’m blind.

I tried to convince the agent to let me go, telling about my travel and my purpose, he was repeating it was too dangerous… I felt that there was another reason, or maybe another way to be allowed to go, but that is not my way.

So I went back and I decided to stop in Santo Domingo for a while.

I met very helpful people walking around, then I searched a cheap accommodation, I found everything I needed just assisted by the people… I love that!

Unfortunately I didn’t find what I was exactly searching, at night: I went to a pub and a girl arrived to me soon, she was not shy at all and I felt uncomfortable because she was asking me beers… and she was drinking as a camel! When she asked me also money I decided it was time to leave.

On the next day I enjoy walking around, I was helped at every corner, I found a pedestrian area and I had a lunch in a restaurant.

The guys were friendly, so I returned at night as well, I changed pub instead, in a way to meet other kind of people.

No way! A different girl came to me but with the same purpose as the one of the first one!

So, to convince her to find other customers, I told her that I was not willing to pay her, I was more attractive than her, so maybe she should had to pai me if she wanted to go with me. It worked, of course.

I went to the same restaurant, I was already friend with Francisco and Sonia, they invited me to go for a lunch on Sunday, with them and other friends? Then, the day after, I was going back to my friend Leonardo and I had a delicious meal with friends: I also met Jimmy and his business mate; Jimmy was really impressed about my story and we exchanged our contacts.

Finally! Back to Bayahibe, back to Leonardo… back to partying!!

It was very nice celebrating with you my friend, meeting your family and your friends Karolina, Mirko, Barbara and Michele.

Ciao e fate i bravi!!

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  1. Allesandro this post put a great big smile on my face. Be safe and happy.


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