East coast_a hard rising

Waiting for the flight I talked with Monica, she was waiting my same flight, she also had a connection in Fort Lauderdale but we arrived there too late, so she missed the other flight. I told her about my travel, she was impressed and she contributed with it, she invited me to visit her relatives of Florida, Diego and Yanko.

It was incredible the energy in the air, it was such a long time that they were not together, but the feeling was really strong.

It was a big honor for me to be there and all of them made me feel so welcome, thank you so much for that.

Monika left early in the morning, I didn’t have a flight so I rested a bit longer.

So let’s go to discover Florida!

After lunch I went to the bus terminal, I mean, I tried… the streets, the pavements, everything was so wide, I was not used to that, I was not used to don’t find people walking around!

After about a hour walking alone, a car stopped close to me, the guy saw me confused, so he decided to help me.

Richard accompanied me to the train station, he suggested me to go to Deerfield Beach to search a cheap accommodation, I could leave the day after.

The train station seemed an abandoned and sad place, almost nobody there, trains neither;

After a while a lonely train came, so I went to Deerfield Beach.

The situation there was even worse: nobody alive around, the only thing I could do was to walk somewhere and hope I was not going to the wrong direction.

After a while I found somebody, I grabbed him and I didn’t want to let him go away, I also asked him what the hell was going on, where I could find people… I told me that not so many people were around, everybody were driving, then he disappeared as a ghost.

I finally found a guy from Jamaica, he accompanied me to a fast food where I got connected to the Internet, then I found that I could leave by bus in the night.

I went back to Fort Lauderdale, some kind young guys showed me where to catch the bus, they didn’t disappeared that time.

From the bus stop to the terminal it was only two blocks, it took me at list half hour walking, almost nobody to ask information and who I found he didn’t know anything.

The bus left at midnight, that was enough time to allowed me to find the terminal.

I wish I could tell you that Atlanta was different, I was tired when I arrived and I took a taxi; the only two backpacking places were not available, the driver took me to a motel.

I had a rest and on the morning after I went to the terminal, I had a friend not far away, in South Carolina.

At night I met Federica, an old Italian friend, she met Jason when he was in Italy, I don’t have to tell you what happened after that…

I had few days of relax with the Kennedy, a lot of talk with Federica, a few words with Jamarcus, walking around Fountain Inn and the near Greenville.

It has been a pleasure to know your lovely family, guys, thank you so much.

Do you remember Jimmy, that I met inn Dominican Republic?

He was waiting for me in North Carolina, so from Greenville I went to Charlotte, not far from him, maybe I could find something better than in the south.

Actually it was a bit better… just a bit.

I went to the downtown to find an accommodation, but it was everything expensive, I couldn’t accept that the only things that I was able to do there were take a bus and use my card for an expensive hotel, I needed something better, for me and for my travel, the point was: how to get it?

Easy: walking!

Not that easy, because I walked about 5 hours carrying my backpack before to meet Silvy and Ricky, close to a bus stop.

They decided to take care of me until I would have found a place for the night.

So we took a bus to find a motel, the cheapest solution; anyway, even with them, it was not easy at all moving around by public transport.

They were kind, funny, a bit crazy… absolutely lovely!

It was hard but I left Charlotte, on the day after, with an interesting record.


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