A sweet rest with happy ending

I flew from Trinidad to Margarita Island and from their I caught a flight to Caracas; during that connection I met two persons, Giulliana and her boyfriend; they were so lovely and helpful, assisting me until I left the airport by bus.Finally, my lovely Caracas.

Last days with my friends Mariana, Joalis, Yoandra and Jennifer, I had such a great time with all of you.

Joalis learnt how to cook an Italian risotto very well, it reminded me my mother’s food; well done chica!

Thanks to Mariana, always ready to assist me, every time that I went to Caracas I was without money and she every time helped me to find a solution!

And what about my two sexy friends? Yoandra and Jennifer, I wish I could marry both of you… but I had to leave, I’m so sorry!

By the way, it’s so interesting what happened at the airport.

Yes, because I arrived there late, very late, the airlines desk was already close, it was suppose to me to miss my flight.

But a guy that was in the line for another flight saw me in troubles, he left his luggage to try to help me; we went to the airline office and we explained my situation.

The people there were sorry, but it was really late, half hour before to take off… Rolando was begging them as it was his flight, I was a bit surprised about his wish to help me.

A guy said that my bag was too big to carry it with me, otherwise I could left me go… I took out a small bag, ready to send my backpack with the next flight. The guy asked me the passport and called somebody at the radio, I couldn’t believe that!

Rolando ran away, he risked his bag and his flight to help me, I only know that he plays in the national team of karate.

I couldn’t thank as I wished, you showed your big heart my friend.

I want to thank the guys that made an exception for me, I already lost my flight but they decided to help me.

Can you see? Sometimes it can be so easy, we only should remember that we are human beings, before all the rules.

That gave me a big hope, sometimes I can meet wrong persons, sometimes I can be not able to get a connection with somebody… nevermind, I should not give up, just keep going, because sometimes life is hard but we must believe in what we are doing and we’ll get our goal!

That was my last, great, amazing experience of Venezuela.

I left a big peace of heart there.

Thank you


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