Jump into the past

I was back to the old stile travel, crossing the border by walking, changing money at the black market, no mass tourism… back to that kind of travel I prefer!
I have been fascinated from Maya populace since when I was young, finally in here.
I spent few days in this district, as a small village, because it was close to the temples and because it was very cheap as well.
So the second day I went to the place asking to the people along the way; it was the first small village I visited compared to the last big cities.
I couldn’t believe it would has been so easy to move around, every single person I met tried to help me: from Evre to Emilio I caught two bus to reach my destination, the driver didn’t want any fee from me.
Once arrived at the temples I met Louis, a local guide.
Initially he was confused because I asked to visit the place and take pictures, but after few seconds I convinced him I was not joking, so he was glad to show me everything; after that he even call somebody to bring me back to the bus stop by car!
Back to the center of Huehuetenango I searched for a sim card, it was not very easy but I had time and it was full of lovely people.
I also needed a break from eating beans, then I found a good restaurant with a delicious soup.
How did I find to go back?
By Eveline of course, a sweet woman that brought me to a friend that accompanied me to the hotel by car.
A short breath of ancient culture surrounded by amazing and extremely friendly people!

2 commenti

  1. Keep them coming, Alessandro. I am realy enjoying your travels.

    1. Thank you Jim, it’s my pleasure !


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