From Puebla to San Cristóbal de Las Casas

I arrived in Puebla and I didn’t know where to go, no wi-fi on the bus, so I couldn’t search any accommodation for the night.
It was evening, so I asked to the driver to bring my to the bus stop, I wanted to search something in the city center.
At the bus stop I met Bryan, he accompanied me on the way to the center, we talked together, I told him about my travel so he told me that maybe I could stay at his home, he needed to ask to his father.
Unfortunately the boss said no, so Bryan called a friend, searching a place for me… the guy wasn’t at home but he said I could stay there, we just had to go and ask to his flatmate.
After another trip we went to the place but nobody was there, I couldn’t stay without the accord of the second owner, I needed another place.
Bryan was really sorry, never mind my friend, you did your best and for me this is more thant enough.
I went back to the center alone and I started to walk somewhere… I found a guy that suggested me a hostel not far away and I walked to where the guy told me… I had no idea where I was, maybe a garden, I was trapped.
Aurora and Jorge saw me in trouble and they came to me.
They were tourists from Colombia and they tried anyway to find the place I told them; we found it, it was a nice place.
The day after I met Alejandro, he proposed to spend few hours with him visiting the city.
He showed me navy places, I took some pictures and we went to meet a friend of him, Jaqueline; her little daughter was incredible remembering a lot of capital city in the world.
On the way back Alejandro told me he wanted to accompany me until the bus station… unfortunately when he went to find some food for me it was time to leave, I caught the bus just in time helped by a great man;
its a shane, I forgot your name my friend!
I traveled during the night to San Cristobal, no wi-fi once again.
I reached my last Mexican place in the morning, I got an energetic breakfast and I started to walk from the terminal to the center, to find an accommodation.
After few blocks a nice girl helped me to cross a street, she asked me where I was going, so I told her everything… she didn’t believe me, she anyway found a perfect place for me where I spent one night.
Did you change your mind Liliana?
Thanks to you and to your friend Victor, the place you found was really good!
How many people I have to thank?
That’s good, that’s very good!
I really net a lot of beautiful people in those places and it was hard for me to leave so early.
Considering the purpose of my travel Mexico was done and I was excited to cross another interesting country. So, lets go!


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