San Pedro, Tegucigalpa, El Paraíso

Goodbye Lucky, goodbye my great, sweet friend
I arrived to San Pedro Sula and I was sick, I spent all my time in a room, waiting to ill.
After 3 days I felt better, I started to eat again and to travel as well, I moved to Tegucigalpa, the capital city; everybody told me to be careful because that city is very dangerous, as usual.
I was relaxed, just arrived I asked where to find a cheap accommodation, I refused a taxi because I wanted to walk and maybe to meet people… I met Angel, he came to me when I already was on my way and initially he guided me to my hotel, I was recording with my phone; After he told me his car would has been ready in twenty minutes, he could drop me if I waited… Tthank you very much my friend!
You told me I was lucky to meet you, I wish you could see how many times I have been lucky so far…
After one night I decided to continue to travel and I moved to El Paraíso, close to the border.
That was a small town and the people I met there were amazing: I every time found somebody coming to me very quickly to ask if I needed a help, to cross a street, to find the way back to my hotel… I was never alone, that is great.
Only one night also there, on the last morning, before to leave, I was in a Internet cafe and I was sad because my dog.
Carolina asked me if everything was fine, we started to talk, nothing special, just a conversation that anyway helped me to think about other things.
Thank you sweet girl, you gave me good energies and my smile back.


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