East coast_finally good

After my crazy research of goodness in Charlotte I was satisfied, I caught a bus to Raleigh, where my friend Jinmy was waiting for me. Oh yeah, I found an amazing welcome from him, but I didn’t understand that, once arrived to the capital, we had to go back to his hometown: Greenville.

So, one more hour on the road and I finally found a nice bed.

I must be honest with you, I had two really lazy days, eating and sleeping, Jimmy provided about everything for me.

On Sunday we went back to Raleigh, where I met the Korean community, I had a lunch with them… but I didn’t understand what was going on around me, I don’t speak Korean, yet!

We went for dinner with a group of musicians, Jimmy filled me of delicious food, he said that I needed energies for my travel.

Then I went with him and her wife at the bus terminal, I decided to leave because I was getting fat! Thank you my friend, you treated me with love and kindness, it would be a honor to meet you in Italy.

Well, I didn’t have any other contacts for the next steps, I decided to go straight to the Big Apple.

When I arrived to the main station I was so excited: my first time in that nighty city, so many people around, walking fast, the metro was so busy… and nobody was caring about me!

I tried to get around the metro, to find somebody that could give me information… but I received only few quick answers, not useful at all.

My smile was slowly disappearing, so many people and I was alone… and Norma arrived, to bring me up with her energy, actually she also brought me to the Queens, where we found a hostel for me.

Thank you my dear, you saved my day!

I was in a very noisy place, close to the railways, so it was not easy for me to move around.

I needed anyway to buy a pair of sleepers, because mine remained more to the south; to complete that mission I found Giovanna and his lovely family, they accompanied me for more than half hour, I was so grateful with them.

In the hostel a girl was very helpful with me, I found a good latin connection with her; I also met Federico when I was in a communal area, both Italians, so it was not difficult to become friends.

We went to visit the city together few times and I enjoyed talking with him, sharing travel advices… and more other things. I wait to meet you at home, bro!

If I have to say the truth I was a bit disappointed about this city, it was not so easy for me to move around and I was trying to understand what I was doing wrong… maybe I left my heart in Latin America, I was mostly attracting people from there… A maybe I was just tired and I needed to change area.

In the last morning something told me that, because I was walking to catch the bus, thinking that I was nearly heading to a different place and good energies started flowing again, allowing me to find guides easily.

The situation was going better, I reached Boston by bus and I felt a very nice atmosphere, I was happy and I was feeling good.

I met few very kind people from the beginning, during my search for an accommodation, I turned on my camera and… Julia came to me!

What a lovely and sweet person, I needed a meeting just like that to conclude my US path.

We went together to find a hostel, then she wanted to show me her university, we definitely spent good time together.

The day after, unfortunately, somebody stole her the bag while we were in a bar, that was so crazy, I felt so sorry because I couldn’t do anything, we only went to the police to denounce what happened.

I’m very very sorry my friend, I wish you to resolve all the consequences of that damned day.

You was so nice with me, I hope to see you again, one day.


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