Finishing the ” Big U “

About a year ago I arrived in North America and I started this big tour, going down along the Pacific Coast until the bottom and then rising the Atlantic coast, back to Canada.

I decided to go from Boston to Montreal, actually from the beginning I found good signals about this itinerary: in the bus terminal, while I was trying to escape from a labyrinth of chairs and tables, a guy decided to save me, showing me the light; he also accompanied me to catch the bus, because he was going to Montreal as well… and he was Italian!

So, Marco and I, we traveled together all the night, reaching our destination in the morning.

We had a good breakfast and then he accompanied me to find my hostel, luckily it was not far away.

We decided to keep in touch, perhaps we could go out together there.

I immediately met very nice people in the hostel, the owner and some customers as well, that gave me good hope about my time in Montreal.

Anyway, I had a rest in the afternoon because I couldn’t sleep during the night, after that I went to search a dinner and I walked down a street; I crossed a guy that greeted me, so I stopped to talk a bit and you know what? Another Italian!

He didn’t know me, he just told me that he saw me in the hostel… his girlfriend was almost back to the room, we decided to go together for a drink and we called her back.

My first night with Stefano and Lisa was really good and the guys really friendly, it was so sad that they left right on the morning after.

Thank you guys, see you back at home!

I was alone, once again, but it doesn’t matter because it was so easily to move around there, I met so many people ready to help me, sometimes with just an information, sometimes bringing me to where I was heading to; in that way I visited the old port and other places around the city.

One night I met other cool people in the hostel, I mostly had good conversation with Dimitris and Megan.

It was interesting sharing my experiences of travel with the girl, she was traveling and she went to South America as well, my lovely South America!

The common thing that I had with the guy, instead, was the nice economic situation of our country: his from Greece 🙂

I went with Dimitris to walking around the city, I said that the people are friendly, it’s anyway not every time easy to take pictures, i cannot see but sometimes it seems that I’m not the only visual impaired!

So thank you very much my friend for your company, your time with me an for the pictures 🙂

Before to conclude I want to mention two very lovely girls that I met one night, they accompanied me to a musical event and we spent good and crazy time together, please forgive me but I don’t remember your names, it’s your fault 😉

Sébastien, a very helpful man that oriented me in the metro station.

And what about Marco?

I met him again, we went to the Francofolies, to listen to some music performances and we spent last night together.

Only few days in Montreal, it was anyway enough to fall in love with another city, once again.

Well done, so let’s go to the final area of this amazing journey…


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