Funny Mexican beginning

My latino journey is finally started.
I crossed the Mexican border very easily, too much easily, they didn’t checked my passport, I realized that when somebody accompanied me to the bus directed to Tijuana.
I needed an entry stamp, I didn’t want to miss something for my collections!
So I went back to the officers and I explained I’m not American, I wouldn’t be back to California and I needed something to be able to leave Mexico from another border.
Mexicans are very relaxed 🙂
I did that assisted by an American woman directed to the capital city to meet her husband.
Once arrived to Tijuana Beverly suggested me to do not stop there, people would be bad.
I don’t think so, anyway Mexico is big and I immediately found a bus to continue my path, so I decided to stop in Guadalajara, 40 hours of no stop travel are enough, I though.
During the way Beverly helped me with what I needed.
I arrived to the second biggest city of Mexico in the early morning, I wanted to be in the center, so I caught a bus to go closer, I stopped in a station where I waited for a while and I met Alejandro, a great Mexican with a great name 🙂
He helped me to get money from the ATM machine and he came to call me when my bus for the city center was ready; thank you man!
I arrived right to the main square, I started to walk searching for a breakfast and a toilet, but it was still early in the morning and I was in Mexico.
I met few people that pointed me to the right way, I finally found the public toilets, still closed.
Mr Martin, a kind of policeman, arrived to me and accompanied me to the municipal offices to made me use the toilet; after that he found an hostel for me, I had to walk strait for about 15 blocks.
On the second one I met two guys, the girl started to talk to me with curiosity, I felt that something wasn’t completely ok… the guy was laughing all the time and when the girl asked to kiss me I pretended to don’t understand, then they left me go… strange people I though.
On the successive block another strange meeting: somebody came very close to me, touching me warmly.
It was a female body, the voice was not female… he/she wanted to kiss me, I refused, then he/she touched me where he/she should has not touch… not so many things can scare me as that one, I ran away!
I started to be a little worried, I anyway tried to keep my self control.
After few more blocks, when I was waiting to cross a street, a woman asked me if I needed a help, the voice was fine, so I told her what I was looking for.
Rosario was really kind and helpful, she just finished to work at the hospital and she was going back to home.
We went to buy a breakfast and finally at the hostel, another one because the first one was fully booked.
I had a rest, I was tired after two days of travel.
In the evening I went out to get something to eat, the owner introduced me Jovanna and some friends, so we went together to have a dinner.
I spent a lovely night with them, tasting delicious food and I met other friend.
We went at Michel’s house to have a quiet party with beers and good people.
In the morning I though I already got good stories to tell, so I decided to leave.
Mexico will be not boring, I’m sure about that!

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  1. Wow what a strange start to your journey through Mexico! We just left Mexico ourselves after traveling around for 8 months and we loved it all as I’m sure you will. In fact we were in Guadalajara just two weeks ago, it’s too bad we missed you. I’ll be sure to follow the rest of your journey!

    Oh and btw I found your site through Barbara Atieno who is a friend of mine.

    Safe and joyous travels to you Alessandro…you are an inspiration!


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