San Miguel

When I was in Sidney I met a crazy friendly guy, Jefferson, he told me his sister lives in Mexico.
Once in California I briefly checked on Internet and I found San Miguel seemed to be the most beautiful city of the country, I couldn’t miss it!
Well, I’m in love with that place now and I’m in love with the people I met as well, everything was amazing.
Bernard is Leila’s boyfriend, he came to pick me up at the bus station, I immediately liked him, friendly and funny, I immediately liked leila too.
When I arrived it was late, their welcome was a delicious mango before to sleep.
The day after Bernard accompanied me to visit the local market, very characteristic, after we went to his family for lunch and I found other amazing people.
I stayed there only a couple of hours, enough to feel very good vibrations and to be grateful for what this journey is giving me.
Bernard’s mother cooked delicious food, absolutely delicious… she should run a restaurant!
Diana touched my heart with her words and her song; Bernard’s dad was a real gentle man… I felt really welcome, I felt really good, thank you for that, thank you Bernard to introduced me your family.
In the subsequent days I spent lively time with Bernard, Leila and the kids, we went to the thermal swimming-pool, we had funny conversations at night.
Leila is a great hairdresser, I’m going to hot areas so I asked her to made my head fresher; she also introduced me Estephania, her student of French, she heard about me and she proposed to show me the city; she also brought me to meet her uncle and her grandmother, very funny!
I wanted to stay there longer, the people was lovely, fantastic, the food was delicious… it was a very good step, I charged my energies to go on.
I wanna thank Jefferson first, you made me know a beautiful mind, two beautiful minds and I’m so happy for them; Leila and Bernard, I have no words to tell how I felt with you, I just want to wish you all the best for your family, during every single day.
I will keep you in my hearth.


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