Up and down to Venezuela

I didn’t want to leave Venezuela, I love it!

I stopped two more nights in Caracas on the way back to Puerto Ordaz, then I spent more time with my first friends and then… I was missing Caracas! Flying is very cheap with dollars, so I went back for the last weekend, somebody needed some chocolate!
Last nights with Mariana and Joalis, I love you girls!
Last new amazing meeting in Caracas: Carolina brings me around shopping centers to find a power bank, on Saturday I was searching friend walking around the boulevard and I found Timoty and Lorena, we had a lovely night together.
Yoandra and Jennifer accompanied me for the last goodbye, they will miss my chocolate.
Some more days in Puerto Ordaz with Angelo, his mother Yianna, Jhonselin, Danilsa, Karla and Angelica.
I succeeded to convince my mummy Yianna that I could manage myself across the mines of the wild south-east, so she left me go.
I wished I could stay longer but I already proved to my followers and to my heart what a beautiful place Venezuela is.
Almost two months in just few breathes of life… thank you because I’ll miss you a lot… every time I’ll be waiting in the line 🙂
I love you!


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