Many knew friends in Brazil

I’m trying to write what happened during the last month, I already tried to do it many times but I was without inspiration.
Now I understand what was wrong, I’ll tell you in the next article.
Anyway, I’m very glad to tell you about all the beautiful people that I met during the last month with Chiara 🙂
In Florianopolis we were hosted by Sergio and Karina, Chiara’s friends.
Beautiful, amazing people, they were really lovely with us, I appreciated everything that they offered to us! I love you guys!
Finally, finally, finaly!!! I met Polato’s family!
Fernando, Jussara and Lucas are big friend of mine, they lived about six year in Italy and they went back to Brazil about four years ago.
Me and Chiara reached Botucatu, where they live, we spend some lovely days together and something strange happened… Fernando is a great tandem instructor so, Chiara, welcome to the sky 🙂
On the second day in Boituwa we met Chico with his wife, they accompanied us to San Paolo; thank you guys, super kind from you.
And finally other friends: do you remember Marcelo and Camila?
I met them in San Pedro de Atacama, we promised to see again here, so here we go two amazing guys for the second time!
I gave them a bottle of wine in Chile and we drank it at their home in San Paolo, a very good wine.
We also celebrated Camila’s birthday! How many? 22? 23?
I wish you all the best my friend!
After few days we went to Rio de Janeiro and from there we took a flight to visit quickly Cristina, a Chiara’s friend that lives in Salvador.
We spend only four days there because Chiara should have taken a flight to Italy from Rio de Janeiro, it was anyway enough to know new friends: Cristina and Ulisse, Anisio and others.
Many friend, I was feeling anyway that something wasn’t flowing in the right way, I needed to change something…


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