Rainy Uruguay

I’m back to travel.
I’ll spend some weeks with Chiara, I met her in Gizo, Solomon Islands, about a year ago; I want to do a kind of experiment with her…
We went from Buenos Aires to Colonia by ferry, we spent just a couple of days there without meeting many people.
Then we moved to Montevideo, the capital city, by bus.
I started to understand that less people came to help me, I was accompanied, obviously.
I started organizing something to take advantage of the situation… Chiara told me that a lot of people were looking at me as I was E.T., I’m sure it’s like this since I started my journey 🙂

Our last step in Uruguay was Piriapolis, where we found rain almost every time… so we visited something covered, a huge hotel, the emblem of the city.
Here I loved the warm of Jorge and Maria, they are running a nice hostel that many years ago was the dormitory of the workers that built the hotel!
To leave Uruguay we had to reach Chuy, a border with Brazil and it was hard, because we couldn’t buy our bus ticket by bus, cash machines out of service and at the bank… well… it’s better if I don’t tell what I did!
Anyway we reached the border and then…

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  1. Hi Alessandro, You are moving along very well. The sky diving was a thrill for me. I loved Uruguay, and I am enjoying your travels.

    1. Jim, you are the best, as usual 😉


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